Gimme some sugar, baby

When you’re in a small oil & gas town, a total geek, and someone that isn’t into the DTF phenomenon, you’ll find that dating is extremely hard. Being a cool, gamer chick doesn’t go as far out here as it would in Seattle or outside L.A., or practically anywhere else. A lot of the male population here is either focused on just sex or they’re emotionally checked out.


But that’s not to say there isn’t a geeky population out here. Unfortunately, a lot of them are just a tad too into it. Like, it’s as though their life and their world revolves around that one thing they love. That’s cool and all, but I also want something more than just the geeky shit. But at least some of these encounters lead to friendship, and that’s good!

But I’ve always preferred the kind where you don’t get the shit beat out of you and are spared a wicked fatality.


I suppose a positive thing that comes from this is that I get to focus on myself. I love me! I love hanging out with me. Most days anyway. I can eat whatever I want, I don’t have to shave my legs all the time, I can have a gnarly zit on my face without worrying that I’m super ugly or something, I can have horrendous makeup on just for fun to see what it looks like…Yea, there’s definitely some benefits.