Fight Like A Girl!

Please, allow me to introduce you to one of my FAVORITE series of all time,


What is Rat Queens you ask? Well by-golly, let me tell you!

It’s a comic book series created by Kurtis J. Wiebe and published by Image Comics. It’s a high fantasy series that follows a ragtag bunch of female warriors who are trying to get by, doing quests and side jobs to get some extra cash for drugs and food, and to get the local city government off their back.

We have our beautiful and atheistic cleric, Dee, followed by our tradition-breaking dwarven warrior, Violet, a druggie Halfling thief, Betty, and the sarcastic elvish mage, Hannah.


As you may have noticed, these ladies aren’t your typical damsels. Instead they’re foulmouthed, strong, ass-kicking bombshells that are ready to settle the score and no one is going to stand in their way. Looked down upon by society, these women are ready to prove that they’re so much more than what they’re perceived to be.

Mixing humor with total badassery, Wiebe gives us a story where women can be stronger than their male counterparts and still look good by the end of the day. Breaking the stereotypical tropes of a hero saving a princess, we see quite the opposite when one of our chaotic neutral ladies goes to save her occasional “fuck-buddy” (sorry, they’re not exactly FWB) from being brutally revenge-murdered. We also have men coming to THEM to get help in defeating a big baddy in the second TPB of the series.

Now, not forgetting to mention, some of the other merc groups also have some strong female leads that have their stories twisted up along with some of the women in the Rat Queens. Thanks to Wiebe’s open outlook on life, there’s even some interspecies mingling and same-sex relationships which not only is very cool, but also cute.He gives us a story that mixes fantasy, major ass kicking, and today’s issues into a fun action-packed little book that I think will do very well in staying relevant.


This series is absolutely fantastic for women to read, and for the guys too! There’s a little bit of fan service in some of the panels but it’s not overdone and it’s not just randomly there to appeal to a larger audience. It all has a place in the story. I don’t doubt that there’s a character in this series that the readers can relate to, male or female. I can’t recommend this series enough!

My only regret is that I got into this series while it is still ongoing. Be warned, once you start you may not stop! And once you’re caught up, you’re probably going to feel really sad waiting for the next part of the story to be published.




Why It’s Hard Being a Geek Girl Pt. 2: ಠ_ಠ

And here we go…

Something happened to me yesterday that was a new experience. Here’s a screenshot of what went down. I’m the blue:


I don’t care if this was done jokingly (which I’m not sure if it was), but it really bothered me.

I was friends with this individual a few years ago, we met online and talked a few times through Steam. That is it. Nothing romantic or anything of the sort, just “hey we have similar tastes in games!”.

I want to point out that this guy is married with 2-3 kids and lives in some other state, Texas I think. Also, I never would have been this guy’s Plan anything! Cocky jerk…

I know that a lot of popular and prevalent geek girls/women in the industry  get way worse stuff than this every single day and that’s absolutely ridiculous and disgusting. Hell, girls and women in GENERAL get this shit all the time. I bet guys get it too!

I’m sorry, I didn’t realize we were supposed to stay around and be your backup plans, jokingly or not. It’s a shitty thing to say to someone. My message to people who do this to either men or women: